Magnetic Island and its beautiful beaches, natural scenery and laid-back lifestyle make it a perfect choice for your next holiday. If you are trying to escape to some tropical sunshine but undecided as to where, its worth noting that Magnetic Island has many more days of sunshine than the Whitsunday islands, Cairns or Port Douglas.

Magnetic Island’s beaches are truly world class, distinguished by their outstanding natural beauty and laid back atmosphere. Whether you opt for the spirited bustle of the main beaches or the romance of the hidden retreats, prepare to be captivated.

Magnetic Island is a World Heritage Listed National Park within the Great Barrier Reef marine park, featuring spectacular natural landscapes and seascapes including boulder-strewn headlands, hoop pines, high quality sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs perfect for snorkelling.

Just over half of Magnetic Island is protected National Park. Wildlife is abundant with curlews, koalas, Rock wallabies, echidnas and over 100 bird species.

A continental island composed mostly of granite, it was once part of the mainland before the sea level rose about 7500 years ago.

The island is mostly covered with open eucalypt woodland of bloodwoods and grey ironbarks. Hoop pines and native kapok are found on the headlands, and rainforest is found in sheltered gullies.

The island is surrounded by pristine sandy beaches (including some turtle nesting areas), fringing reefs, mangrove communities that are important as fish nursery areas and seagrass beds which support a significant dugong population.